Who We Are

Our History and Philosophy

KidsRoom.VIP is an exciting e-store dedicated to furniture and accessories specifically for your children!  After years of experience in the furniture industry we select our vendors and manufacturers very carefully to ensure you are buying the finest high quality furniture!  We know who the best vendors are. Our manufacturers use easily replenishable hardwood sources to stay green and protect our environment. In addition to quality, we have selected vendors which have patents on specific safety equipment.  When your children sleep in our beds you won’t lose sleep wondering if they are safe, these beds are designed for protection!KidsRoom.VIP is here to help you with all the purchases for your kids’ room.  Our Quality and Customer Service are second to none. Whether you need a bed, bedroom furniture, or bedding, we have the best selection of the best products at the best prices.  If we don’t have what you are looking for we will help you find it. If you live within our delivery areas all purchases over $500 receive Free Delivery and product inspection. For ONLY $50 more we will assemble your furniture and remove all the packaging.  Your pleasure is our pleasure.Our pricing structure is straight forward; price products at the very lowest price possible.  Since we are an online store we have less overhead than a “brick and mortar” store so we are able to sell our products at far less profit which ultimately reduces your cost.  Similar to a grocery store; everyone pays the same price without bargaining or haggling. With KidsRoom.VIP you know you get the best products at the best prices because everyone is paying the same.  The more you buy, the more you save.Please enjoy our new, convenient, modern e-store.  Thank you for choosing KidsRoom.VIP!

twin over twin bed with shelf storage- kidsroom.vip